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45 Customer Reviews

by Vera55

Aug 13, 2022

Ellen customer service

What a pleasant and helpfull young lady x very good with her customer service skills and a pleasure to arrange our holiday with absolutely 5 star

by Alan A.

Dec 16, 2021


I ordered a jacket for my son for Christmas and online at the time of my order it said it would be here by the 15th of December just got a message from them a week before Christmas that they were unable to fill my order. Thanks a lot Jets won't be ordering from you again!

by Terry895

Sep 27, 2021

Jet garage in Chigwell Road Essex no common sense.

Went to the Jet garage in Chigwell Road, Essex to fill a 5L can with diesel so that I could get my car started but refused to let me do it, yet there are people next to me filling Range Rovers for probably £120. I understand if someone had 6 cans but please use some common sense.

by Jeanette F.

Aug 14, 2021

I also ordered an Apple iPod on sale…

I also ordered an Apple iPod on sale from Jet and was advised that it would be delivered around 11/27. When it did not arrive I called and was advised that they oversold and were having trouble getting them from Apple. I have now received an email advising me that the order was cancelled. My question is, why are they still offering them for sale at the regular, non-sale price if they can't get them from Apple?

by Butler739

May 25, 2021

Quality of accessories

I purchased a purse from Jet stores Newcastle Kzn. I inspected the purse when I went home and checked its of poor quality because the zips are fragile. Jet stores refused to take item back because no returns on accessories. If the zip brakes / jams or purse starts to peel will jet stores replace it within a month of use

by Ortiz

Jan 22, 2021

Lost evening in Venice, "Insignificant"

Booked a four day break to Venice, departing at 08:30,subsequently I was advised the flight was rescheduled to 15:30, which would mean arriving at our accommodation in time to retire. With a full 2 days being exclusively travel, we would be left with only 2 days in the city, which is not as booked. I asked to cancel as the holiday was not as booked and was not acceptable to us. Jet2 refused to negotiate and cancelled, retaining our £120 deposit. Terms and conditions apart, it seems once you part with your deposit, they can change flights by up to 12 hours and consider this an "insignificant change". Beware' Jet2 are not considerate of customers requirements.

by Lucas Rodriquez

Jun 14, 2020

Ordered an item 2 months ago and still…

Ordered an item 2 months ago and still no sign of it. Was expensive aswell. Avoid

by Wesley Mitchell

Jun 13, 2020

Careful about Jet showing things in stock when they're not

Careful. Jet might confirm your order and charge your card before checking to see if the product is on stock even though online shows in-stock. I ordered an item and was charged on my card. But then a week later, they reported the item was not in stock.

by Angel H.

Jun 01, 2020

They never sent my order!

They never shipped my item! I was relying heavily on the item arriving at the date that they estimated. Instead they never sent the item and told me after almost 6 weeks later that my order was canceled. This had a big impact on my business. Communication was very poor. Do not rely on this website. It is not dependable.

by David H955

May 30, 2020

No Apple Product

They keep posting about apple products but they Don't have stock for them.
Tried many times still nothing . Check before posting.

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